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Weekday Event Schedule -- All events have a minimum entry and/or participation fee.
Tables can be reserved for $5 per player for upto 4 hours of play.
Tables are reserved at all times, a private game table must be scheduled in advance.
Day of the WeekStart TimeEvent FeeEvent FormatRules Enforcement Level (REL)
Monday 5:30 p.m. $5 entry Yu-Gi-Oh! Constructed Intermediate
Tuesday 5:30 p.m. $5 entry Magic - Modern Intermediate
Wednesday no events scheduled.
Thursday 5:30 p.m. $5 entry Pokemon - Standard Intermediate
Friday 5:30 p.m. $15 entry Magic: The Gathering -- Booster Draft Beginner
Saturday 10:00 a.m. Special Events. See event posting. TBD
&nbsp 5:30 p.m. $5 entry Board Game Night Beginner
Sunday Closed - No Events
Event Details
Board Game Night We will begin hosting a board game night every Saturday at 5:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. There is a $5 event participation fee for each player over the age of 12. Bring your favorite game, join in on someone else's game, or learn something new! While we strive to provide a family friendly playing environment, we are not responsible for the supervision of children. Parents are expected to ensure that their children behave responsibly. We expect the highest standards of sportsmanship and civil behavior from everyone. Outside food & drink is allowed.
Dugeon & Dragon's
Open Campaign
Currently taking sign-ups to play or DM. Participation fee is $10. limited to first six players each week, you can pay in advance to secure your spot. You will be thrust into adventure with our Dungeon Master. You will have a great experience in a family friendly environment! If you do not have a character sheet developed, no problem. Arrive early, pay your entry fee, and our DM will help you get started. There is no obligation to attend each week; players can come and play as often as they would like and will always be welcome at the table. Late arrivals are discouraged, but you are welcome to join at the DM's discretion. (Making a character while a campaign is ongoing is a distraction to the other players). Each player will need to have their own dice set, a current Players' Handbook, and any additional books for their character classes and/or races. The shop's inventory is NOT a library for the players to utelize. Seating is limited to players who pay an event fee. Additional participants are always welcome, but the entry fee is required for anyone in attendance (including observers). Outside food & drink is permitted. Players should be attentive and respectful of the group: please refrain from excessive use of an electronic device for non-campaign related entertainment.
Magic: The Gathering
Commander Pizza Feed
Come play Commander all night and eat all the pizza you want! We will also have free drinks & snacks available too. (You are welcome to bring your own to donate to the communtiy of players.) No taking food from the shop. Registration Required: $10 entry. Seating is limited to the first 40 players, so pre-registration is recommended to secure your spot. There will be door prizes, a raffle at 9:00 p.m., and players will get a secret objective card to complete and win prizes based off the objective [this idea is still under development?]. Bring as many Commander decks as you want and play in any number of PODs, including a Planeshift POD. We will have a cube available for a Cube Draft. Players are welcome to play any other games as well. There are no deck restrictions, you can play Shahrazad or a Black Lotus, even a Blacker Lotus or one from the 30th Anniversary Edition; just as long as there are no proxies in your deck. You can bring your trade binders, we always encourage buying & selling cards for cash if the opportunity suits you. But you must be respectful of the shops ability to trade as well. We typically play until dawn ... can you stay awake the whole time? I have to start cleaning up the building at 9:00 a.m., but you are welcome to play until you collapse.

Secret Objective Rules:
  • Objectives are assigned randomly at entry.
  • Once an objective is revealed to anyone it is either accomplished by the current game state or it is voided.
  • Players may not trade their objectives (this would result in it being revealed; thus voiding it).
October 20th Magic: The Gathering - Commander "All-You-Can Eat" Pizza Feed
December 15th Magic: The Gathering - Commander "All-You-Can Eat" Pizza Feed
January 12, 2024 Magic: The Gathering - Commander "All-You-Can Eat" Pizza Feed
March 29, 2024 Magic: The Gathering - Commander "All-You-Can Eat" Pizza Feed
Magic: The Gathering
Sealed Deck
Magic: The Gathering Sealed Deck on a Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Players will have until 11:00 a.m. to build their decks. A dinner break will be at 3:30 p.m. Expect to play four to six rounds, each round is timed for 50 minutes of play. Finals matches will not have a time limit. Top 8 will break off into a single-elimination booster draft. Entry is $30, Pre-Registration (until Friday before the event) is $22.00. Anyone that wants to attend the event, but not play in the tournament, is subject to a $5 participation fee. Rules Enforcement Level: Beginner. However, cheating and stealing will result in a lifetime ban. Minimum Prize for 1st Place is $250 CASH. Additional prizes depending on the number of players. We are not a WPN store, we do not have promotional packs or foils for attendance. Basic land will be provided for deck building at no additional cost. We will offer single-elimination booster draft pods & Jumpstart pods throughout the day.
Pokemon TCG
Intermediate Events
Entry is $5 per person. Each player will get a free promotional booster pack (while supplies last). Parents, siblings, or other guardians/supervisors are welcome to attend for free. Anyone who materially particiates in the event will have to pay a $5 participation fee, this includes trading activity, deck building, strategy discussions, learning to play, etc. This event is for players who can participate on their own; coaching a player is not allowed. We demand a high level of sportsmanship for our Pokemon events, however, this is a competitive environment where players must adhere to the rules. The current competitive environment allows all cards with a "E" or higher letter on them. Cards published in earlier sets that are reprinted are legal to play. All cards are legal to play on the release date. Any sleeves are legal to play as long as they are appropriate for smalll children. There are currently no banned or restricted cards. There is no sideboard. You will play best two of three games during a competitive event. Check Pokemon's Official Website for more details. There are no time limits. Each player may play each opponent once, known as Round-Robin. The winner will get a bonus prize pack. The shop closes promptly at 9:00 p.m. -- All matches must be concluded by then.
Pokemon TCG
Learn-to-Play League
The Pokemon "Learn to Play" League is on the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Participation fee is $5.00 per person. Tables will be available for up to four hours (most small children play a game or two and are done within two hours). Bring your cards, your deck, some trades, and learn to play Pokemon. Each player will get a free promotional booster pack. While we strive to provide a family friendly playing environment consistent with Pokemon League Policies, we are not responsible for the supervision of children. Parents and other supervisors that do not participate in the event are welcome to attend for free. However, seating is limited and chairs will be allocated to players if necessary. Anyone who attends the event for the purpose of playing, trading, collecting, deck building, learning to play, or otherwise participating in the league is subject to the participation fee. The Pokemon "Learn-to-Play" League is geared towards younger players, as such, we expect the highest standards of sportsmanship and civil behavior from everyone.

How it works?
Players are first bifurcated into two groups: those who know how to play and have a deck are paired against an opponent and can begin play. For the other group, we will cover deck construction, card types, and tools needed to participate in the event. Once each player is ready, they will be paired against an opponent. A Tournament Organizer will be present to directly assist with game play questions. We encourage players to complete any games that they start. Each player should try to play as many different opponents as possible. Players can play as much as they choose to until 2:00 p.m.
October 7th Pokemon "Learn to Play" League
November 4th Pokemon "Learn to Play" League
December 2nd Pokemon "Learn to Play" League
January 6, 2024 Pokemon "Learn to Play" League
February 3, 2024 Pokemon "Learn to Play" League
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
Box Tournament
Win a Booster Box!
Event Center Rules
Since 2007, Mystical Mayhem has awarded more than $100,000 in prizes. We foster a positive play environment that encourages players to compete with excellent manners (sportsmanship). Therefore, all participants at a Mystical Mayhem event are required to abide by these rules ...


The rule of the tournament center is simple: BE NICE. If you are not sure what it means to be nice? Keep your mouth shut and don't do anything until you are sure that your actions are appropriate. Players will generally be given a warning about their behavior, however, management reserves the right to remove from the property any persons who violate the intent of this rule. Persons removed at management's discretion will be disqualified and WILL NOT receive a refund of any event fees.

Conduct Regulation: We regulate conduct largely based on the hour of the day:
Before 6:00 p.m. G rated
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. PG rated
9:00 p.m. to Midnight R rated
After Midnight inappropriate behavior is likely to occur ...

Rule of Law

We strongly support the Rule of Law, as such, we strive to respect the Constitution and expect others to do so as well:

Free Speech: We are ardent supporters of free speech. Likewise, you are responsible for your words. Speech that is intended to cause harm, or otherwise disrupt the event, is prohibited. Likewise, some forms of speech are illegal; such as slander, incitement to violence, or conspiracy to commit a crime. A fundamental principle of a democracy is the ability to disagree without violence. We encourage a healthy and open debate when it is reasonable.

Weapons: The right to keep and bear arms is expressly protected in the Constitution. All weapons must be properly secured at all times. Absolutely no brandishing, demonstrating, or exchange of any kind. All persons must adhere to current Federal, State, and Municipal laws.

The following offenses are strictly prohibited; specifically:

Competitive Trading: Players are encouraged to trade at our events while at the gaming tables. Anyone facing, interacting, or otherwise engaged in conducting business with the shop are off limits! Any behavior that seeks to circumvent Mystical Mayhem's ability to make money will not be tolerated.
Cheating: Any attempt to modify the outcome of a match through illicit means; including bribery or misrepresentation of the game state (lying).
Stealing: Any attempt to subvert the rightful ownership of an item.
Abuse: Actions or words towards others intended to cause emotional or physical harm.
Illicit Activity: Any behavior deemed to be inconsistent with management's expectations.
Complicit Behavior: Active or passive participation, facilitation, or legitimization of any of the above.
Illegal Activity: We call the police.
Bluffing vs. Lying A significant part of playing card games is ones' ability to bluff information. Do I have a counterspell? However, misrepresentation of the game state is not a 'bluff', it is an attempt to subvert the true outcome of a match. Drawing additional cards, placing an incorrect token, avoiding a non-optional triggered event, et al are forms of cheating, not bluffing. Wizards of the Coast has chosen to sanction cheating by allowing players to intentionally misrepresent the game state, by avoiding triggers that occur from cards one does not have possession of, responsibility for, or control of, etc. While this behavior may be tolerated, or even encouraged at other venues, it is not allowed at Mystical Mayhem events. When a player asks what the current power and toughness of a creature is, who is responsible for calculating that correctly? Both players have a duty to participate with an honest approach to the game state. A negative effect, from a card like Megrim, is triggered when an opponent discards a card. Intentionally not taking damage from a Megrim effect is a misrepresentation of the game state; if you want to cheat, go play elsewhere. A player has no obligation to give hidden information to their opponent. However, intentionally lying about information that is public knowledge is misrepresentation of the game state, and will result in a game loss, or a more significant penalty at the Tournament Organizers discretion.

Chair Purchase Policy: Players are not allowed to lean in the chairs. However, if you choose to purchase a chair for $35, you will have lifetime rights to that chair, which will allow you to lean in it until it is broken. You can kick people out of your chair. However, the chair must remain in the custody of the shop.

Closing Time: The shop closes promptly at 7:00 p.m. or following an event. Players must make arrangements for their own transportation. The Till Troll will announce a 30 minute warning before the store closes after hours. Staff are prohibited from providing rides or any kind of taxi services.

Deck Registration: When deck registration is required, players will be provided a registration sheet to record the total contents of their deck. A judge will randomly select a player before each round and perform a deck check. Errors are enforced based on the Rules Enforcement Level. Players are always required to play the same deck that they begin an event with. In limited formats, such as sealed deck or booster draft, a player may make alterations from their pool of cards between matches.

Late Player Attendance: Players are always welcome to join an event after it has already begun. If you desire to join, and know that you will be late, please call ahead to have your name added to the player list. A player cannot gain an advantage from joining events late, and will receive a zero-point bye for any missed rounds. There is no discount for late registrations. If there is only one player registered on time, they will be declared the event winner promptly fifteen minutes after the event as started.

Leaving Before an Event is Finished: Players should inform the Tournament Organizer when they leave an event before it is finished. A player may opt to be paired and then "no-show" their match, which will result in a 0-2 Loss and automatic drop from the event. A player must still be registered in order to advance to Finals matches and to receive prizes.

Minors & People with Special Needs: The shop does not take any responsibility for anyones attendance or conduct. Children, or individuals with special needs, should not be left unattended in the building at any time. We strive to provide a family-friendly atmosphere with strong Christain values as part of our core operating prerogative.

Open Play Area: The Tournament Center is available for reservations any time during business hours, with priority given to scheduled events. Tables may be reserved for $5, per person, for up to four hours of play. The entire Tournament Center can be reserved for $100 for four hours, please speak to management to schedule your private event. Reservations for after hours play are $30 per hour, with up to 16 players. During a scheduled event, seating and space is limited, please do not bring an excessive amount of things: 'setting up shop' at a table is strictly prohibited.

Outside Food & Drink: Players may bring their own food & drink into the Tournament Center and assume all responsibility for this. Eating someone else's food without permission, however, unattended food will be eaten without recourse. The coolers, refrigerators, and other storage is not available without explicit consent from management.

Non-Participants: Parents, wives and other supervisors for minors are always welcome in the shop. There is no additional participation fee as long as they are not actively engaged in the event. Playing games, learning to play, trading, socializing, and or deck construction strategy are all examples of engagement. It is strictly managements opinion on what constitutes engagement. Demand for a participation fee should be expected. We have a big screen TV and free Wi-Fi available for your convenience. Seating is limited, and at full capacity, chairs are reserved for paid attendance.

Parking Lot Area: The parking lot is included within the boundaries of these guidelines.

Photography & Video: Participation in our events is consent to be photographed and recorded. Players may have their likeness displayed in promotional and advertising material as a result. If you do not want your image to be used, please inform the Tournament Organizer, and a reasonable accomodation will be made. If someone takes a photo or video of you on our property, you may ask them to cease. Taking photo's or video's of minors for any purpose is strictly prohibited.

Prize Payouts: All prizes are paid out in store credit unless explicitly stated in the event promotion. Players are responsible for reporting their winnings to the IRS. Often, our staff will participate in an event, and any prize that they win is claimed by the shop. If, for any reason, a player has negative store credit they are not eligible for prizes. Players may opt to split a prize pool and agree to a draw. No player may induce the outcome of a match with any incentive outside of the prize pool.

Tournament Judges: We use a 3-judge system in all our events. Typically the Tournament Organizer will be the Head Judge. If you are not sure whom the judges are, ask before the event for a clear declaration. No one is ever the judge of their own matches. If you have a rules question or dispute with a player, raise your hand and firmly call for a "judge." Tournament staff are trained to NOT give advice during an event.

Tournament Structure: Refer to the chart to view the tournament structure. Unless specified in the event promotion, we will abide by it in all our events.

Trading Policy: Players are allowed to buy & sell for cash, or otherwise trade while at a gaming table in a registered event with other players that have paid to participate. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property. We will not comment on a trade under any circumstances. Our staff are not allowed to assume any responsibility for your decks, binders, backpacks, etc. Competitive trading is allowed, as long as it does not subvert our business from properly functioning. For instance, pouncing on inventory when a seller walks through the door is prohibited or 'setting up shop' at a table.
Tournament Structure
Scoring & Tie Breakers
Each match consists of a best-of-three games contest, unless specified by the floor rules for that game. When the same player wins the first two games of a match, the third game (if played) is not counted. When both players simultaneously lose, then it is a draw, and an additional game is played in the match. If time is called on a match, then the outcome of the game being played, and the match, is determined by the floor rules for that particular game. Game wins are an important element in determining tie-breakers.

Receiving a Bye: When a round is paired, the lowest ranked player is given a bye if an odd number of participants is present. A bye constitutes a win (3 match points) but a player does not gain any advantage in games played.

Pairing: At the start of the first round, players are paired randomly. In subsequent rounds, players are paired using tie-breakers.

Match Points
Win a Match 3 points
Receive a Bye 3 points
Draw a Match 1 point
Lose a Match 0 points
Unplayed Match
0 points
  1. Total Match Points
  2. Head-to-Head
  3. Total Games Played
  4. Opponents' Game-Win Percentage
  5. Game-Win Percentage
  6. Coin Toss
No. of PlayersFormat1 &
Number of Rounds
Time2Prize Pay-Out3k-value4
Up to 5 Players Round-Robin5 3 Hours $20 2 points
6 to 10 Players 3 Rounds + Finals Match 4 Hours $20 / $5 4 points
11 to 16 Players 4 Rounds + Finals Match 5 Hours $25 / $5 / $3 6 points
17 to 24 Players 4 Rounds + Top 4 6 Hours $30 / $10 / $3 8 points
25 to 32 Players 5 Rounds + Top 4 7 Hours $35 / $10 / $5 10 points
33 to 48 Players 5 Rounds + Top 4 8 Hours $40 / $15 / $5 15 points
49 to 64 Players 6 Rounds + Top 4 9 Hours $45 / $20 / $5 / $5 20 points
65+ Players 6 Rounds + Top 8 10 Hours $50 / $25 / $5 / $5 / 9th $5 25 points
1The format for an event will not change after the pairing of the first round. While late players are always welcome and will be added to the current round if an opponent is present. As such, as additional players are added to the event, the format will remain unchanged.
2Time estimates are an approximation for participation. Players can drop from the event at any time.
3Prizes are always paid out in store credit unless specified explicitly in the event promotion.
4k-Value is for scoring player ratings in competitive events.
5Round-Robin requires all participants to play each opponent once. Unplayed matches are a mutual loss.

Additional Rules:
Deck Registration may be required when 10 or more players are present.
Events will begin promptly on time. Players must be in their assigned seat at the start time for a booster draft.
Rules Enforcement Levels
Skills Players Will Learn
Policy on Banishment